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Episode Description: Dr. BMCP and Kelsey Hargrove, founder of Living for Synergy, discuss the importance of taking rest.



Episode Description: "Soul Yoga Conversations" are hosted by

Dr. BMCP on Soul Yoga's Instagram Live. She connects with Black wellness advocates while they cover topics like self-care, capacity building, and community healing. To catch new and past episodes follow @officialsoulyoga on IG or click "Watch Now" below! 

#THELOVELIFE EP. 5: "Be Loved, Be Well!"

Episode Description: Dr. Margaret and Dr. Brittney Cofield-Poole, founder of Yaa Wellness Collective talk about the importance of our bodies and how to love them into wholeness. Our bodies do so much for us. They hold us, protect us, keep us alive. How can you love your body well? How can you thank your body today? What does wellness mean to you?