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Yoga & Mindfulness the "Yaa" Way

Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol "Asase Yaa"

What does "Yaa" mean?

Greetings Community! My name is Dr. Brittney Cofield-PooIe, I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), a rest advocate, and a community generator. In 2011, during a life-affirming trip to Ghana, West Africa, I learned about the rich tradition linked to the Akan tribe of naming children based on the day of their birth. I was born on Thursday which meant that "Yaa" was the name connected to my life journey. Through more research, I found a much deeper meaning of "Yaa": confident, persistent, intelligent, and optimistic. These are also the defining characteristics of what I want to reaffirm within YOU. 


How does it connect to yoga?

Together, let's be persistent in our mission to dispel the myth that access to positive well-being is only for the "enlightened". Through our yoga practice, we will not only build physical strength but also our confidence in the power to transform self-doubt. As our collective consciousness grows, so will our intelligent efforts toward a movement of restorative and inclusive wellness. In this journey, optimism will serve as our guide while we grow in community.


Where will it take us?

My ultimate goal is to cultivate experiences where anyone can enjoy and explore movement regardless of their ability. I understand firsthand how it feels to not "belong" within certain spaces; which means I want you, my clients, to always feel that this practice is accessible. I want to help redefine what it means to be “good” at yoga and reinforce the importance of being kind to our bodies. Yoga teachers are given a unique opportunity to impact others in such an intimate way. Therefore, I hope to inspire you to find self-acceptance beyond the mat and embrace rest as resistance!


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