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My Yoga Teacher Story

After earning my Ph.D. in Community Psychology in 2016 from NCSU, I made a promise to myself that I would always be committed to building inclusive spaces. Four years ago I was also changed forever with a diagnosis of Graves’ Disease. I learned that this autoimmune disease of the thyroid disproportionately affects women in their early 30s and is often brought on by stressful life events. From that point on I had to reorient my notions of what being "well" truly meant for me. Gradually I made significant changes to my lifestyle one of which was adding yoga to my self-care regimen. The initial impact was small at first. However, over time the power of movement aided in facilitating a stronger body and more importantly a healthier mindset. 

During my graduate studies, we were taught to be facilitators of transformative change which deeply inspired my desire to become a yoga teacher. From September 2019 through February 2020 I trained at PIES Fitness Yoga Studio in Alexandria, VA where my mentor Marsha D. Banks-Harold taught us that the practice of teaching should be approached holistically and with consideration for an individual’s entire lived experience. At PIES we were trained to be adaptive in every aspect of our teaching so that we can meet the needs of our fellow students at their level.

When we learn to adapt our yoga practice this facilitates flexibility throughout the body as well as in our compassion. There is so much more significance in learning how to stretch the capacity of our thoughts as we deal with everyday challenges. I am here to help you practice giving yourself more grace while you grow. Especially because we all deserve access to a practice that lovingly pushes us to find ways to be elevated from within. My responsibility as a yoga teacher and wellness partner is to help others manifest the best versions of themselves. So let's breathe into your internal strengths and learn how to push through barriers together!

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