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Rest as Resistance

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation..."

Audre Lorde



In the wellness industry yoga is often synonymous with terms like "workout" and "sweat". While adding yoga to your fitness routine can positively impact your movement practice it can also enhance your relationship with mindfulness. Restorative yoga incorporates the use of props to support your body in a series of postures that are held three minutes or more. The props allow you to fully relax while you treat yourself to intentional rest. This gentle practice is accessible to all levels and available to you know matter where you are in your well-being journey.  Yaa Wellness Collective (YWC) is dedicated to creating spaces where yoga feels welcoming, approachable, and fun. Rest is also a driving principle in YWC meditation, team mindfulness, and community-centered wellness literacy services which you can learn more about here.


YWC was founded in response to a lack of diverse wellness leaders I encountered as a Black woman while cultivating my personal yoga practice. The larger vision of YWC is to be a collaborative partner in creating safe spaces that make restorative yoga, meditation, and self-care practices more accessible practices for diverse communities. Culturally relevant representation in the yoga community is a crucial part of shaping rest-centered wellness. The topic of mental health within the BIPOC community has had a longstanding complicated history. Rooted in trauma embedded so deep that we can still feel the ripple effect of it at this very moment. Nevertheless, the preservation of mental health in Black & Brown communities is an essential component of restorative justice. Thriving in the face of adversity without a strong unwavering self-care practice can often feel virtually impossible. Cultural perceptions of mental health have been deeply impacted by systemic inequities, misinformed narratives, and broken healthcare systems in constant flux. This has left many people of color left out of access to equitable holistic care. Therefore, a significant piece of the YWC mission is to serve as a mindfulness partner supporting under-represented communities as they reclaim their right to self-advocate for wellness through rest-centered experiences. I am dedicated to this “soul work” which in this season consists of identifying ways to offer yoga, meditation, and mindfulness services at minimal to no cost to people of color. Interested in sponsoring a restorative experience for BIPOC community members? Send me a message to kickstart our collaboration:

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