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Promoting Wellness Literacy
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Wellness Literacy Principles

The YWC approach to wellness literacy is grounded in a partnership model that encourages your organization to explore community-building strategies that are rooted in self-care advocacy. Our purpose is to educate, empower, and uplift members through culturally relevant inclusive wellness skill-building experiences. Together we can create an accessible entry point through the following:

  • Education: Understanding what the wellness space has to offer in a practical & useful way

  • Community building:  translate "wellness" jargon into everyday language & collective mindful awareness

  • Representation: Increase BIPOC wellness advocates & their impact within their respective communities

Social-Ecological Framework

I approach community mindfulness through a social-ecological lens which takes into account that many factors that can impact someone's capacity to achieve optimal well-being. This is the foundational component of how I approach collaborative partnerships and how we can nurture your wellness initiatives. In our work together we can explore strategies to promote interpersonal self-care that impacts communal outreach efforts that are dynamic, culture-driven, and sustainable. Ready to partner with YWC? Book a Free Discovery Call or click the button below to send me a message:

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